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The Supreme Court Ruled Against Affirmative Action in College Admissions

The supreme court has never had the best interest of our people in mind. The overturning of Affirmative Action on June 29, 2023 is an attack on our aspirations and opportunities, as it perpetuates a system that intentionally excludes us from educational programs, institutions, and positions of power. How dare we try to get ahead in a country that was created by our blood, sweat, and tears.

The supreme court already knows that their decision to overturn Affirmative Action will impact Black people, Southeast Asian people, people of color, women Queer folx, and disabled folx. They did not rule this way because they did not know it would harm us - they ruled this way because they were very clear it would harm us.

By dismantling Affirmative Action, the court has effectively sanctioned a divestment in the leadership and representation of Black people, Southeast Asian people, and people of color. This decision serves as yet another example of how the supreme court consciously continues to embolden white supremacy, patriarchy, and capitalism. This cruel strategy aligns with their attacks on bodily autonomy and low-to-no income students and families suffering from student loan debt.

Again, this highlights the urgent need for our continued organizing to abolish systems and institutions that mean to do us harm and implement community control. Freedom, Inc. will continue to invest in the leadership, wellness, and creativity of our communities until we are free from all forms of state violence.

F*** The Supreme Court