M. Adams - Co- Executive Director 

M. Adams is a community organizer and co-executive director of Freedom Inc., where she has been for eight years. Born and raised in Milwaukee, Adams has been in Madison since 2003. Adams’s dad has been incarcerated most of her life and she comes from a community that has been the extreme targets of police violence—and in March 2016 Adams’s mother transitioned after fighting cancer and many forms of violence. Adams, herself, also a dad and has her family as a primary motivator for her work.  As a queer Black person, Adams has developed and advocated for a strong intersectional approach in numerous important venues: Adams is a leading figure in the Take Back the Land Movement, she presented before the United Nations for the Convention on Eliminating Racial Discrimination, the co-Author of Forward from Ferguson and a work in progress on Black community control over the police, and author to intersectionality theory in Why Killing Unarmed Black folks is a Queer issue. Most recently, Adams can be seen in person, on TV or in the newspapers giving near weekly presentations, testifying at city council meetings, and energizing crowds at protests.

Kazbuag Vaj - Co- Executive Director

Kabzuag Vaj was born in Laos and came to this country as a refugee child with her mother and siblings. She is the founder and co-executive director of Freedom Inc. She has dedicated the majority of her life to ending gender-based violence. Her advocacy started when she was 16 years old, assisting and housing at-risk teens, and challenging abusive gender norms within her community. She is a strong believer that those who are most deeply impacted must be at the forefront of the movement. Those who are most impacted must have opportunities and resources to advocate for themselves and tell their own stories. In the past 20 years, Vaj has spent her life working to build collective power and social change within Southeast Asian and Black communities.  


Maivnyiaj Moua - Gender Justice Director

Maivnyiaj Moua is originally from Thailand. She is a daughter, sister, wife, and mother of five children. She has always believed in gender justice and has taken on the role as the Gender Justice Director for the Southeast Asian population at Freedom Inc. In her role, she provides direct services, support groups and leadership development for victims and survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. Maivnyiaj is also a community leader and has been heavily involved with the Hmong community. She enjoys arts including sowing, singing, and dancing. 


Zon Moua - Director of Youth Organizing

Zon Moua is a Queer, Femme, Hmoob womyn born and raised in Wisconsin. She is the youngest of 11 children, born to refugee parents. She is the Director of Youth Organizing at Freedom Inc. She has worked on gender based violence, queer and youth justice issues since the age of 16. Her most innovated work has been connecting youth to social justice movements through art, music, and dance. Zon works closely with Black and Hmoob youth and impacts over 50 youth weekly. She engages her community in conversations and workshops addressing anti-blackness and standing in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. Zon has been actively involved in local campaigns and have been part of the planning team for numerous direct actions. Zon also manages a media team, documenting Black Lives Matter campaigns through photography and videography. Through her work, she hopes to raise the visibility of Queer, Trans, Black and Southeast Asian leadership and to make deep social changes within her community.


Sheur Yang - Finance Director 

Sheur Yang is the Accountant for Freedom, Inc. Her advocacy for Hmong women, children and LBGTQ liberation began in high school, when she experienced and saw injustice, violence, racism, cultural bias, and transgender phobia effect her community.   Sheur graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater with a BBA emphasis in Accounting. She worked for the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance as a Financial Examiner before leaving her position to follower her husband’s career. Sheur is self-employed and a mother of two.  She started her work with Freedom, Inc., as a volunteer in 2003 and then later as a contractor. Sheur’s commitment to Freedom, Inc., is to ensure that the organization has sound financial policies and strategies in place in order to enhance the quality of their programming, as well as, build and sustain capacity to do what they do best--campaign for their communities.

Jenny Sem - Cambodian Domestic Violence Advocate

Jenny Sem is originally from Cambodia and moved to the United States when she was 14 years old. She works as an advocate for Cambodian women who are survivors of domestic violence and other forms of violence. Jenny is heavily involved with the Cambodian Buddhist Society temple of Wisconsin and helps organize youth dances, healing classes, sowing classes, and other temple events. Jenny is dedicated to finding resource to help her people and is passionate about Southeast Asian and Black Liberation. 

Jessica Williams - Black Domestic Violence Advocate 

Jessica Williams is a domestic violence advocate with Freedom Inc. Jessica's domestic violence work is catered toward and culturally specific to the black community. Jessica is also one of the co-chairs for the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice. Born in Columbus, Mississippi and raised in Sierra Vista, Arizona Jessica has been in Madison since 2012. Prior to her work with Freedom Inc. Jessica got a degree in Microbiology. She later worked as a Chemical Safety Specialist with UW Madison. She is experienced as an educator after teaching 2 years in South Korea. She is an avid traveler and has worked towards creating housing and worker cooperatives here in Madison Wisconsin. During her time in Madison she became increasingly aware of the racial disparities that exist in the city. After a string of high profile deaths of black teens at the hands of police she became actively involved in local movements and community organizing.


Houa Yang - Southeast Asian Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Advocate, Office Manager and Accounting Assistant 

Houa Yang started as a Finance Assistant and was recently promoted to Gender Justice SEA/Hmong Advocate and Operations Manager at Freedom, Inc. She was born and raised in central Wisconsin by her refugee parents who came to the US in 1988. As a first generation Hmong American, she moved to Madison to pursue higher education and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a minor in East Asian American Studies. Houa strongly believes change happens when people are given the guidance they need to draw on their own strengths. Therefore, she works closely with Hmong victims and survivors of domestic and sexual abuse by providing services as well as resources in order to start living happier and healthier lives.


Bianca Gomez - Gender Justice Coordinator 

Bianca Gomez is from Cleveland, OH and staff member at Freedom Inc. After graduating with a degree in Special Education at the University of Akron in Ohio, Bianca moved to Madison to pursue a Masters in Afro-American Studies at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Her research focuses on alternatives to punitive disciplinary policies and practices, which disproportionately impact Youth of Color, especially in schools and other institutions. She is also one of the founders of the Black Liberation Action Coalition (BLAC), a coalition between students and community members in Madison who share concerns about issues and policies facing their campus and community. Bianca is unapologetically dedicated to Black liberation and the liberation of all oppressed groups. She believes in shifting power to the most impacted communities and looks to her ancestors for support and guidance as she engages in the struggle for freedom. 


Chai Moua - Civic Engagement Contractor  

Chai Moua lives in Stevens Point with her husband Phong Vang and their four children. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services Management and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership. She holds a Family Development Specialist Certification from the National Resource Center for Family Centered Practice and the University of Iowa School Social of Work. Chai started off her work in community organizing with one of Madison’s most isolated neighborhood. This is where she realized her passion to fight for racial and gender equity. She has over 15 years of expensive experience working with low to no-income communities, especially the Hmong community.


Max Rameau - Campaign Specialist 

Max Rameau is a Haitian born Pan-African theorist, campaign strategist, organizer and author. After moving to Miami, Florida in 1991, Max began organizing around a broad range of human rights issues impacting low-income Black communities, including Immigrant rights (particularly Haitian immigrants), economic justice, LGBTQ rights, voting rights, particularly for ex-felons and police abuse, among others.As a result of the devastating impacts of gentrification taking root during the housing "boom," in the summer of 2006 Max helped found the organization which eventually became known as Take Back the Land, to address 'Land' issues in the Black community. In October 2006, Take Back the Land seized control of a vacant lot in the Liberty City section of Miami and built the Umoja Village, a full urban shantytown, addressing the issues of land, self-determination and homelessness in the Black community. Max travels the country facilitating workshops, engaging in campaign strategy sessions and developing models for community control over land and the human right to housing.


Nancy Vue - Report Analyst 

Nancy Vue studied law at the University of Wisconsin Law and practiced as a public defender for six years. She is originally from California and grew up working on her Hmong family farm and selling vegetables at Central Valley farmer's markets.  She was the oldest of seven children and first to go to college at the University of California Davis.  After three years as Freedom Inc's Board Chair, she currently manages Freedom Inc's grant reports and program data.  She resides with her one year old daughter Quinn Suab-Nag, husband Hong, dogs Baxter and Chomps and three hens.  She loves to craft and garden.


Kayleb Hawj - PLUS Youth Coordinator/Media Coordinator 

Kayleb Hawj is a community organizer at Freedom Inc., where they have been for 4 years. They were born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin, where their Hmong refugee parents settled after their second migration in the United States. Kayleb works closely with Southeast Asian boys on ending patriarchy and works to increase the visibility of womyn, queer and trans leadership through photography, and videography. Kayleb has supported local campaigns in Dane County by showing up in solidarity with Black Lives and participating in direct action campaigns and documenting the work through photography.


Cynthia Yang - Youth Leader

Cynthia Yang is a 15 years old cisgender Hmong girl. Cynthia likes to skateboard and put on makeup on her free time. She is a youth organizer at Freedom Inc., where she has been for seven years. Cynthia leads the Viv Ncaus Dance Troupe, a group of Hmong girls who work on ending gender based violence through traditional Hmong dancing. She also leads Nkauj Hmoob, a group of Hmong girls who meet weekly to learn about the issues oppressing their community; their goal is to make deep social changes within their community to end violence against Southeast Asian and Black women and children


Peyton Yang - Breaking for Justice Youth Leader 

Peyton Yang was born in St. Paul, Minnesota. He was then raised with his siblings in Madison, Wisconsin. Peyton became a committed youth in 2010. He was only 11 years old by that time. In 2014, Peyton then became a youth leader facilitates Freemen (hmong boys group). Peyton also founded Breakin For Justice as Freedom Inc. provided him the resources and space he needed to pursue his passion for dance and social justice. Peyton works to end violence and also change lives by teaching dance choreography, providing a safe space for everyone. He enouages his students to understand  and appreciate the roots of Hip-Hop which are in Black culture. He leads his students/ youths by passion, positivity, accountability, and love.


True Thao  - Southeast Asian Domestic Violence Support/Photographer  

True Thao has been with Freedom Inc. since the birth of the organization. True is a high school drop out and survivor of many forms of violence. True is passionate about working with youth because True understands what it means to be neglected and need support. True helped organize the Freemen group which sought to provide political education for young men and challenge patriarchy. In addition to Trues dedication to helping True’s community, True also loves photography and capturing social justice movements as the tell a wonderful story about people power.