Freedom, Inc. organizes a number of programs geared towards social justice and focusing on low income queer Black and Hmong youth.


Breakin’ for Justice
Breakin' For Justice is a multi-cultural hip hop dance group that practices resistance through dance and learning the history of Hip Hop.  For more info, contact: Kayleb Her & Peyton Yang | khawj9[at]

Freemen is a group of Southeast Asian Boys, who works to end patriarchy within their community. They develop their capacity to advocate and build shared analysis to create social change and justice, thru sharing stories, leadership/social justice trainings, theater, arts, popular education, anti-violence trainings & advocacy.  For more info, contact: Kayleb Her & Peyton Yang | khawj9[at] 

This group is for Black young adults who are interested in educating themselves about liberation through reading and discussing relevant movement literature.  For more info, contact: M Adams | madams[at]

Loud & Unchained
Loud & Unchained centers arts, wellness, and issues for the Black community.  Through our educational curriculum, workshops and performances , we address Black liberation, gender justice, queer theory, and disability justice.  We provide a safe space for Black youth, teens, and young adults to practice self expression. For more info, contact: T Banks | tsbanks87[at]

Nkauj Hmoob 
This support group is a South East Asian girls/teens organizing program and was founded in 2004 by Chai Moua. Our mission is to build strong female leaders that can create social change, at home, in the community and in their own lives. Nkauj Hmoob's programs include political education, organizations skills, LGBTQ issues, domestic violence, outreach, and leadership development.  For more info, contact: Zon Moua | mouazon[at]

People Like Us (PLUS) 
PLUS is a support and leadership-building group for Black and Hmong gay, same gender loving, stud, gay, boi, womanist, two spirited, gurl, femmes, fish, LGBTQ and other self-identifying queer youth of color.  We provide interpersonal violence prevention education, case management, support and advocacy for all of our members. For more info, contact: M Adams | madams[at]

People Like Us (PLUS) Teens
PLUS Teens focuses specifically of the issues African American youth face. We share and discuss media, stories, and histories, and we view and create art to create a dialogue and narrative around the struggles our participants face. Not only does this group develop a strong analysis of power and access, but participants learn to politicize self-love, and recognize it as key to the liberation struggle. This group draws heavily on the wisdom of queer Black folks and ancestors before them.  For more info, contact: T Banks | tsbanks87[at]

Viv Ncaus Dance Troop
Viv Ncaus was created in 2007 to help build stronger intergenerational relationships amongst female elders and girls by teaching/sharing Hmong culture, clothing, art, music, traditions & language through Hmong dance. For more info, contact: Zon Moua | mouazon[at]